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-What should i wear for treatment?-

Patients wear some level of dress for this work, not in the nude.

Patient's will

  • be observed in standing (if able).

  • observed in seated, doing some movements.

  • treated laying on a table, on-top of a sheet.


Comfort is key!

Wear something that allows you to move around, yet feel supported/secure.

Something like: underwear, swimwear, or yoga/sporting attire.

A good guideline to follow is 'no zippers, no buttons' (to avoid damaging the  table, or scratching your therapists skin).

Please avoid fragile fabrics that may not move well or be easily damaged (silk, lace, mesh).

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and are able to let your body relax, and have clothing that is not restrictive, or too thick to be palpate through.

Access to the tissue along the spine can help give your therapist important cues, as well as access to the abdomen, to be able to feel heat and texture.

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