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Changes to Coronavirus Mandates

Provincial mandates for Covid-specific protocols were lifted provincially on June 11th 2022. Although masks are no longer mandated, due to the significant amount of time we spend with each patient in close proximity, our clinic policy is to recommend patients continue to wear masks for community health and safety. Although we recommend and prefer patients to continue masking practices, patients may choose to not wear a mask. Your practitioner will be wearing a mask during treatment and consultations. Covid specific pre-screening questionnaires are no longer mandated, Vitalogy now replaces mandatory screening with a pre-arrival survey that acts as a health-check for patients and to communicate important information about the appointment. 

**We do ask that if patients are feeling as though they may be coming down with something, or have had frequent and close contact with someone who may be contagious, let us know so that we may reschedule their appointment.**

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-Your practitioners PPE use-

Currently (June 23rd 2022) Cody is using a fresh ASTM level III procedural mask for every patient.

Upon patient request, Cody will also add an extra layer of PPE using a face-shield.

Cody also wears a freshly laundered shirt, changing it between each patient. 


Throughout your visit, if you need to touch your face, or need to sneeze, or cough, or address an itch; please use a tissue and we will dispose of it immediately after.

You will then have the option to use some hand sanitizer, or choose to wash your hands if you'd prefer soap and water.

A used tissue is considered a biohazard, and should never be reused or 'tucked away' for later, you will be offered a fresh tissue for every use. 

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