Coronavirus Measures

We are trusted to forego government recommended social-distancing practices by showing and practising industry standard public health guidelines.

We have legal obligations to transmit some info to patients before coming to our clinic, engaging with patients in the process of INFORMED CONSENT.


We have set up 2 ways people can learn about our Public Health measures and consent to the risks before an appointment.

Option 1 "The Gambler": If you're the kind of person that enjoys diving into an experience, follow our BOOK NOW links and you will be prompted through our easy to navigate intake process. It is developed to serve a dual purpose; to extract all the logistical details we need to collect, as well as inform the patient of what they should be expecting.

Option 2 "The Book Nerd": If you're the kind of person that really likes to read and digest information, there's lots of it on this page. Below you'll find info on our Covid measures. All the important elements that we are required to have in place and inform patients of, information that will again be covered during the digital intake process... Bonne appetite!

Education at intake; we have done our best to streamline the intake process. The Booking Experience link (under the Patient Consents tab) is a summary of what patients can expect from initially booking their appointment, the documents patients are prompted to complete before arriving, and the other expectations around arriving for an appointment.

Vitalogy is required to prepare a Safety Plan, a summation of best-practices of Interim Guidelines from various governing organizations: Public Health Ontario, The College of Massage Therapy of ON, the Ontario Association of Osteopathic Manual Practice, as well as meeting the requirements of insurers.

(pro-tip: this is all covered at our intake process, then again reconfirmed at return visits)

The Standards link is required information we must share with the public about sanitation products and protocols in place at Vitalogy.


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