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Osteopath at Work

Osteopathic Manual Practice utilizes a holistic approach to wellness using manual therapy.

Each treatment includes an interview at each visit, movement evaluation, treatment, re-evaluation, self-care recommendations are often discussed.

The treatment utilizes cranioscaral osteopathy, fascia/connective tissue work, joint movement (osteoarticular), and organ care concepts.

This work considers interrelations of the body and it's systems. Treatment often happens in areas distant from a point of concern or pain. Treatment uses soft to moderate pressure of touch around most of the body. Treatment may include contact with the front and back of the pelvis, abdomen, chest and sternum, spine and ribs, neck, head, face, and ears, arms, legs, hands and feet.

 ***** If you are touch-sensitive please inform the practitioner before treatment. *****

Osteopathy dates back to the 1800's, it is a philosophy anchored in anatomy and physiology. The founder of osteopathy is known to have been inspired by first nations and shamanic spiritual practices.

For more information about the history of osteopathy, visit Ontario Association of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners


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