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Overview of The Booking Experience

Our intake process reflects mandates from Public Health agencies.

New patients who visit our booking site will be prompted to complete these steps in the days leading up to your first appointment: 


Create a Patient


Provide Health History

Commit to Various Consents

There is required Covid-screening measures

Consent at Intake

Screening 2-hours before

There is required ongoing in-person consent, to work with sensitive areas of the body

Consent to touch

We understand this is a lot of documentation, but it’s our professional obligation to comply. The documentation around your first visit may seem daunting, but after that first go-through, the experience is more streamlined at follow-up visits. We are doing our best to follow every recommendation to keep our community safe, and keep our business open!

Presented below is a description of the process from booking an appointment to arriving.


To Book Appointments

We have no receptionist on-site. We utilize a self-serve booking platform. The best way to view our schedule and book an appointment is to go to

Our software will prompt you to make a profile & book an appointment. You will then get a booking confirmation email, and be prompted to complete a series of intake documents before arriving to the clinic.

We are currently not able to offer same day bookings, this is so that we can follow screening recommendations (to be done the day before then again the day of an appointment).

Forms (in the days before arriving)

Anyone who books an appointment is prompted to fill out some digital intake forms. We require that these documents be completed before arriving at our clinic, this is so that your therapist has time to review the file, but it is also important that patients understand expectations before arriving.

We must inform you

It is a professional obligation that we ensure patients understand and consent to a series of patient & practitioner commitments.

In our efforts to streamline our consent process we have created a Consent document covering all the important elements we are required to communicate with patients. Our Consent document covers all the key points and is integrated into the patient intake process.

2-Hours Before Your Appointment

2-hours before your appointment, you will receive an automated survey from our booking system, serving as an appointment reminder, as well as a wellness-check, and informing you of other important treatment reminders such as payment policy.

Arriving at 383 Parkdale Ave.

We aim to have patients arrive for their appointment no more than 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.

Please arrive alone, unless you've arranged with us to have a care-aid or guardian needed to accompany you (they need to be screened in the same way as the patient).

Arriving at Vitalogy

  • We keep our clinic door locked while with patients. Cody will meet you at the clinic door at suite 107.

  • When your practitioner meets you at the door, you will be asked if you need to use the public washrooms, located outside the clinic.

  • We prefer that you wear a mask upon entry and while in the clinic. You may bring your own, or we can provide you with a paper disposable mask. Patients may choose to not wear a mask.

  • Upon entry into the clinic, we ask that you remove your footwear.

  • Upon entry or re-entry into the clinic, we ask that you wash your hands at the sink.

  • We are not permitted to offer tea or water at this time. If you can, bring your own water and water bottle. If you do find yourself needing a sip of water, please do ask!

Change-room Area

Our space has a curtained off change area patients can use to change into their treatment attire. 

With this kind of treatment approach patients keep some clothing on.

General rule for choosing clothing is *no zippers and no buttons*. (Please wear something comfortable to move around in such as supportive underwear, a swimsuit, yoga or running attire. If you can, avoid fragile fabrics like lace or silk so that it does not get damaged with movement).

The goal is to have patients be able to relax in their level of dress/undress, yet still allow as much direct access to skin around your area(s) of complaint, abdomen, and spine as possible.


We want the patients body to be able to relax and soften their tone, so wear what you feel will make you comfortable for treatment.

In-Person Consent; We must inform you of where on your body we will touch

At every appointment, to show patients are being informed, we require signed consent to evaluate and treat sensitive regions of the body (such as the chest wall, gluteal region, and anterior pelvic structures).

We encourage patients to familiarize themselves with this document before arriving, so they can consider their consent and do not feel put on the spot.

(Click here to view our Vitalogy Sensitive Areas Form) 

When Leaving the Treatment Room

We ask that patients leave promptly after their session as we have deeper sanitation standards to follow.

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