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Cody Cummings

Cody is currently a member of the Ontario Association of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners, and works using the credentials D.O.M.P. (Diploma of Osteopathic Manual Practice).


D.O.M.P.'s are not physicians or doctors. More info can be found on this topic under our FAQ tab.

In 2022, Cody retired his RMT status with the College of Massage Therapist's of Ontario.

-Educational achievements-


In 2017, Cody obtained a Diploma in the Art and Science of Osteopathy (D.Sc.O) from the Canadian School of Osteopathic Manual Practice- Vancouver (CSO). His thesis research was titled "Osteopathy and The Adult Thymus Gland; A Qualitative Study".


In 2012, Cody finished the educational and practical components required to obtain a Diploma of Osteopathic Manual Practice (D.O.M.P.).

In 2003, Cody completed a 3000-hour massage therapy program through West Coast College of Massage Therapy

Other accomplishments: 200-hour yoga teacher certification in hatha & vinyasa style of yoga (2006).


Cody began his study of movement as a teenager, becoming a snowboard instructor and obtaining Canadian Association of Ski & Snowboard Instructors levels I & II certifications (1995-1997).

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