-What should I expect to happen?-

  For your first treatment, you should be expecting to fill out a Health History Form. Your therapist will then have a discussion with you about your history and current symptoms. This consultation is part of your treatment time.

Your practitioner will then step out of the room to give you some privacy if you need to change into treatment attire, this is part of your treatment time.


   After the consultation there is an evaluation process. This is where your practitioner will observe a series of movements. These evaluation movements are generally done in standing, seated, and lying on a treatment table. The treatment process generally happens while the patient is on the table lying on their back, stomach, or sides. You may be asked to sit up or stand throughout the treatment for specific techniques.


   Your practitioner determines a series of priorities and follows a treatment plan, and applies a series of techniques and re-evaluates along the way. Integration techniques are used to harmonize structures and the systems of the body.


   Generally there is usually some home-care techniques recommended for you to continue progressing on your own.


   We can then discuss treatment frequency and when to re-book.