-The Patient Experience-

We have tried to streamline the process for patients and present the requirements in a way that we hope gives visitors to Vitalogy, Osteopathy & Wellness Centre (Vitalogy) a sense of ease and comfort that we are doing what we can to keep our community safe.

Presented here is a description of the process from booking an appointment to arriving.

-To Book Appointments-

We have no receptionist on site. We utilize a self-serve booking platform.

We are currently not able to offer same day bookings. 

The best way to view availability and book an appointment is to go to vitalogyosteo.janeapp.com

Our software will prompt you to make a profile & book an appointment. You will then get a booking confirmation email, that includes instructions on the following steps.

-Review Safety Plan-

Our Safety Plan details Patient and Practitioner expectations. For practitioners to be able to forego physical-distancing guidelines, it's important patients understand their expectations.


All patients to Vitalogy are expected to fill out 3 digital intake forms that include: 

Health History Intake

General Consent to Treatment & Waiver

A Covid-Specific Consent & Waiver

-Patient 'Interview'-

We are required to communicate with patients and speak with them before their first visit to Vitalogy. We will arrange for some time before your visit via phone/telehealth to discuss the intake process and review the intake forms.

On subsequent visits, when patients are then familiar with the intake process, an automated digital survey communication will take the place of the phone call discussion.

-24-Hours Before Your Appointment-

Our automated booking system will send a FHC Coronavirus Screening-Tool Survey of questions, to screen for symptoms.

-On the Day Of Your Appointment-

Make sure to go to bc.thrive.health and complete the Self-Assessment Tool found there.

We are now accepting payments via e-mail money transfer, we ask that it be sent to your practitioner before arriving for your appointment to save time and limit touch-points in the clinic. We will review those details in our phone discussion.

-2-hours Before Your Appointment-

2 hours before your appointment, you will receive an automated survey from our booking system, asking you to confirm you have completed the steps on bc.thrive.health.

-Arriving at 805 West Broadway-

The goal is to arrive for your appointment no more than 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.

Please arrive alone, unless you've arranged with us to have a care-aid or guardian needed to accompany you.

If your appointment is during peak business hours, security from 805 West Broadway may be managing physical-distancing in the common entry way and elevators going up. Come up to the 19th floor.

-Arriving at FHC-

We are now required to keep our clinic door locked.


When your practitioner meets you at the door, you will exchange results from that days bc.thrive.health results.


You will be asked if you need to use the washrooms located outside the clinic.

We ask that you wear a mask upon entry and while in the clinic. You may bring your own, or we can provide you with a paper disposable mask.

Upon entry or re-entry into the clinic, we ask that you wash your hands in our staff room.

We have removed all self-serve items from our wait-area, and removed some seating. We are no longer offering tea or water, if you can bring your own water and water bottle that is preferred, we can provide you with water in a compostable cup, if you need water please ask.

-In the Treatment Room-

Once inside the treatment room, there is a plastic bin for patients to keep all their belongings in, there's also hangers on the wall with wipeable back splash, patients may use the clothes-hanging area.

Throughout your visit, if you need to touch your face, or need to sneeze, or cough, or address an itch; please use a kleenex and dispose of it immediately after

When you are on the table face-down, we will hang fabric below the face piece to act as a moisture barrier, if you are having trouble breathing through the mask, it may be removed while on your stomach.

We will use hand sanitizer when needed throughout the treatment, and will be used before touching the head or upper neck. If a face-structure requires a technique, we will work through a piece of fabric. No intra-oral jaw treatments are permitted at the moment.

If your practitioner suspects you may be unwell, they may request to take your temperature, we currently have an in ear thermometer with disposable tips. We are sourcing a fingertip oximeter to check blood-oxygen saturation.

You can ask your practitioner to wear a face shield at any time.

-When Leaving the Treatment Room-

We ask that patients leave promptly as we have deeper sanitation standards to follow.